Property Services

Property Services

Property Services are about providing you with a welcoming and well-maintained building today, and about securing the value of your property for tomorrow and the future.

Companies around the world turn to PIFFERS SEDULOUS for our deep insights in minimizing risk and maximizing uptime of a property. Increasingly often we work closely with clients to manage and limit the operational risk of a property’s critical systems and infrastructure. Risk mitigation is an integral part of what PIFFERS SEDULOUS does for our customers.

In almost all relationships today, we are managing risk for our customers in one way or another. It can be anything from liability to financial risk. Having developed solutions for risk management for many years, our customers can trust us to have the best solutions to make them less exposed in this area.

Customization as standard
No two properties are the same. All buildings and all companies call for tailored solutions and flexible management of the operations. This is where PIFFERS SEDULOUS size and experience come in handy. With our organization we can make any project work according to customer needs, at a cost level that is more than viable.

Reducing complexity
Modern Property Management is a science on its own. With a mixture of highly advanced technology and a great reliance on knowledgeable people, Property Management will always be a complex matter. At PIFFERS SEDULOUS we recognize this and offer our customers a high level of transparency, ensure the right KPIs for the contract, focusing on availability and staff well-being.

Property Excellence
Having a well-maintained property is hugely important for any company, regardless of whether you own your premises or not. How a property is kept says something to your customers about your company and sense of quality. But maintaining a property is also about securing its value over time, and about lowering the costs or protecting the investment for the day-to-day operation – maximizing value and minimizing cost.

For PIFFERS SEDULOUS, most projects start with the building and its surroundings. This is where our other services are carried out as well – the 3-P, Cleaning, Catering, Support or even Facility Management. In that sense, Property Management is at the heart of who we are.

Mitigating risk
More and more companies realize the value of PIFFERS SEDULOUS as a partner for Risk management. We mitigate and manage risk on behalf of our customers, so that they can rest assured knowing that their business, brand, people and facilities are in good hands. Risk management does not mean that we eliminate risk altogether, but it means that the risk that is taken in order to realize new opportunities is calculated and well-managed. Effective risk management is an important tool in helping reduce uncertainty, and ultimately realize new opportunities and achieve objectives. Risk management is a growing need among our customers. In almost all larger customer relationships today, we are managing risk for our customers. It can be anything from liability to financial risk. Having developed solutions for risk management for many years, our customers trust us to have the best solutions to make them less exposed in this area.

Tailored solutions: Maintaining a property is very much about securing its value over time, and about lowering the cost of day-to-day operations – fundamentally maximizing value and minimizing cost. To find the best property service solution you need a partner with a combination of ambition to innovate and long-term experience. Today Property Management is overflowing with new technology concepts and innovative service ideas. Still, at PIFFERS SEDULOUS we know that our customers need experienced people like us to fully understand how to leverage the new possibilities to fit and suit specific needs. Mobility and digitalization have opened up vast fields of opportunities. Partnering with PIFFERS SEDULOUS is an advantage, as we are not only open to new technology; we have set up systems to ensure that we harness all possibilities.

Unlimited flexibility
We know that our customers’ needs vary over time. The outside premises may follow seasonal changes, whereas the office or production spaces may need changes in longer cycles. This is why we always build flexibility and fast response capabilities into our solutions, so our customers can control the level and intensity of our services over time – all without losing consistency in the delivery.

Continuous improvements
The more and the closer we work together, the more we can improve. Having a service level agreement (SLA) is merely a starting point – over time we make sure that we improve our services and tailor them even closer to the customer’s needs. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to our customers’ business development by delivering excellent services. This promise is measured by client specific KPIs, ensuring quality in all we do.

KPIs for Property Services
We have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of our services, and ensure you are getting the most out of our relationship. These include assessing employee turnover rates, employee engagement, gauging customer experience / satisfaction, and service efficiency. Additionally, here are some examples of key performance indicators for you to discuss with your service provider to ensure the performance of your current Property Service setup:

  • Plans for corrective maintenance
  • Uptime for your critical systems
  • Deviations from planned maintenance costs
  • Serious incidents related to both facilities and people
  • Energy consumption and savings.

We develop additional KPIs based on specific customer characteristics and industry requirements.