Piffers Sedulous

Increasing Market competition and Technological advancement leave no room for prevailing and upcoming Organizations round the globe to work keenly and deeply upon their Key Operating Propositions [KOPs]. In this very concern the allied and back office support functions are needed to be very swift, cost effective and un-interrupted; In order to establish a well planned and focused strategic Modes Operandi, these support functions are being outsourced by the Organization far and wide. This outsourcing paved new ways for the Organizations to root out their key areas on the one hand and saves a lot on the other and it is the fundamental reason that Outsourcing of support functions has become an ultimate choice to reduce cost. Successful Organizations builtin Facility Management approach as an integral part of their strategic plan.

FM is an emerging profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure fundamentality of a physically erected and Operating environment by integrating people, process and place.

PIFFERS SEDULOUS takes into account proactively all soft and hard integrated Facility Management services comprising Facility Operations and Maintenance, complete Documentation Facility Systems and Equipments, Staffing Solutions and Support Services, Facility Development and Space Management, Corporate Real Estate Management and FM Consultancy, supporting with our core functions of Quality Assurance, On Job Training, FM auditing, Occupational Health and Safety, Human Resource Management, Technical Support Services and Operational Planning and Controlling.

PIFFERS SEDULOUS provides Cost Effective Integrated Facility Management Services to all types of Built environments, commercial Buildings, Industrial sites, Shopping Malls, Residential Complexes, Hospital, Recreational Parks, Hotels, University and educational institutes and other communal sites.

PIFFERS SEDULOUS is professionally organized and managed under the compliance of Quality, Environment and occupational health and safety management system. Our Technical team is professionally qualified, dedicated, experienced and trained to handle the complex Facility Management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The directors of PIFFERS SEDULOUS has had well been into this profession for more than ten long years The core vision envisaged by our note Worthy Chief Executive based upon true commitment, prowess and foresightedness, PIFFERS SEDULOUS is developing an outstanding service reputation measured by an exceptional performance record, an unswerving commitment to quality and dedication to our clients.

PIFFERS SEDULOUS understands the importance of well maintained premises which creates the reflection of our customers’ business as well as ours. PIFFERS SEDULOUS upholds working premises in pertinent style with efficient methodology keeping cost effectiveness under close consideration.

“Skies are the limits” is the nucleus of our benchmarking insignia and PIFFERS SEDULOUS keeps on uprooting its benchmarks by every passing day. We believe in hard line standards and stringent productive measures and always strive for the best; Our aim is not to leave any stone unturned to secure the best of what is possibly available for our clients. We strongly believe and implement the philosophy of “Proactive Management rather Active Maintenance”.

Our strength lies in round the clock Research and Development, we never offer any services to our clients which has not had been passed through our Research sphere. We do acknowledge that continual improvement in our own functions and operations is the only area which should be worked upon round the clock and we keep on doing it. Our entire operation is based upon Control Documentation, training at different level and Internal Audits. Our persistent compliant attitude is the focal point of our success.

Today we are winning through Quality workmanship of our people, making customers’ satisfaction a reality. Ensuring that services are delivered in a way that contributes to the productivity and profitability of our customers and end beneficiaries. PIFFERS SEDULOUS offers a wide range of services:

Facilities Management

  • Cleaning Services
  • Support Services / 3-P Services
  • Property Services
  • Catering Services

PIFFERS SEDULOUS employees create value by working as integrated members of our clients’ organizations. A key component of the PIFFERS SEDULOUS HR strategy is developing capable employees in all functions. Team spirit and self-governance are encouraged, as is voluntary participation in additional training and multidisciplinary workflows. Besides developing our employees, PIFFERS SEDULOUS ensures compliance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations.

Organization and Management

The ambition of PIFFERS SEDULOUS is to become the Pakistan’s one of the leading service organization. This is realized through our strong in country organizations that operate in the markets where PIFFERS SEDULOUS is currently present. Through an in-depth understanding of the service provisions and outsourcing trends and developments in our markets, PIFFERS SEDULOUS has developed its organizational structure around the country, the ability to offer bundled services and to integrate and manage the provision of services at our customer’s premises.

Local motivation is an important driver in the success of PIFFERS SEDULOUS. This is emphasized by strong local incentives and freedom to perform according to local market conditions. Each country operates on local initiative and control, developing the local business according to market demand and in alignment with the principles stated in our operating model – the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain.

Our Business Model

The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain: Each country operates on local initiative and control, developing the local business according to market demand instead of “one size fits all approach. PIFFERS SEDULOUS has implemented a lean corporate structure, deliberately keeping overheads low and focusing solely on essentials.

The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain management tool drives the implementation of The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Way strategy. The links of the Value Chain are best illustrated by starting at the end – Business Growth. The shared purpose of our existence at PIFFERS SEDULOUS is to create shareholder value. This emerges from profitable growth, which in turn is driven by satisfied customers who expand their business with PIFFERS SEDULOUS and renew their contracts.

The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain turns strategic priorities into concrete actions. This approach helps us stay in a continuous process of business optimization by asking questions and finding answers: If we make a strategic choice to pursue opportunity x – then what are the necessary actions? By pinpointing the practical consequences of any strategic decision, the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain becomes a natural launch pad for the annual strategy planning process. In the same way, the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain represents an important day-to-day tool that requires us to consider all aspect of our business while planning new initiatives.

The links of the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain are interdependent. And, as in real life, it only takes one weak link to break the chain. By providing a broader context for all actions, the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Value Chain helps each employee understand how they can perform their jobs in a way that supports all links, and thereby the entire process of creating value.

Strong and attractive service concepts are the result of informed decisions made regarding the business platform, which determines the customer segments we serve and services we choose to deliver to these segments. Acquisitions are a useful tool in the continued development of PIFFERS SEDULOUS, and will be used selectively to improve PIFFERS SEDULOUS competitiveness, build critical mass, and increase service capabilities and capacity where and when appropriate. Customer satisfaction is founded on capable employees who are engaged in their jobs and motivated by being part of a strong team. All employees are trained in the delivery of clearly defined and operational service concepts.

The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Leadership principles are:

  • We put the customer first
  • We have passion about performance
  • We encourage innovation
  • We treat people with respect
  • We lead by example
  • We lead by empowerment
  • We develop ourselves and others
  • Teamwork is at the heart of our performance
  • We are one company, one brand, one strategy

Our Vision

To be a leading service organization in Pakistan and the most trusted and preferred service provider to the government sector / corporate world. A ONE STOP SHOP for all organizations by providing comprehensive services of very high professional standard and constantly setting new benchmarks of excellence in our sphere of activities.

Our Mission

In PIFFERS SEDULOUS we care for our customers’ business as if it is our own. This is why we continuously aim for improved service performance that facilitates your purpose through greater people empowerment. This mentality is reflected in our mission statement.

“Service performance that facilitates our customers purpose through people empowerment.”

When we enter into a new relationship, we make a big effort to understand your business and align with it – and then train and support our employees to make a difference in your organization, day in and day out. Because, in the end, we want our people to take care of your personnel , your customers, and your facilities – so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Values

At PIFFERS SEDULOUS, we have chosen to operate through a set of shared values. These values are fundamental to everything we do and adhering to them is the only way to ensure that we run a sustainable business. Our values define who we are and serve as a key differentiator of what sets us apart in the market place. At PIFFERS SEDULOUS we live by the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Values as they are essential in delivering our brand promise. Ultimately, our strategic plans and actions are anchored in our Values. To support their implementation and ensure all members of the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Organization live in according with our Values, a Code of Conduct has been developed.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all PIFFERS SEDULOUS operations and is part of the terms of employment of all employees. Additionally, the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Leadership Principles have been introduced to emphasize the importance of the PIFFERS SEDULOUS Values.

The Leadership Principles describe the way leadership is performed at PIFFERS SEDULOUS. In combination, they serve as a guideline and a benchmark for leaders and help us bring out the full potential of our employees.

The PIFFERS SEDULOUS Leadership principles are also known as “The Human Touch” and translate our Values into actions and describe behavior that characterizes a successful leader within our group. In other words, they are a framework for the way we do business.


Armoghan Tallat Khan
Chartered Marketer. MCIM

From a modest beginning, PIFFERS SEDULOUS (Pvt.) Ltd has positioned itself as one of the fast growing Facilities Management, 3rd Party hiring services, supply chain management, Architectural & Engineering Management organization in the region and beyond, by identifying and responding to client requirements and the changing trends in the respective industries. It is our culture as a formidable company to persistently strive to achieve the status of an industry leader and trendsetter across Pakistan, where we have presence. We aim to accomplish this goal by drawing upon our experience, specialized skills and an innovative approach that opens the doors of the Pakistan’s thriving market to the world at large.

Certainly, we do have the advantage of having roots in U.A.E & Europe also, the most incredible destinations in the world. Our city Islamabad is known for its extraordinary vision, beautification, vibrant multicultural society, impressive infrastructure, safe and secure environment, and countless business opportunities.

Additionally, as part of our commitment we took a technological leap and hedonistic approach right from the beginning. Our dynamic start & growth with continuous upward trend and credibility are the direct result of our specialized pursuit. I am delighted to see our talented, dedicated and proactive employees who have a strong will to struggle for their personal and professional development in becoming the future leaders.

“There is no philosophy better than hard work, sincerity and loyalty to the customer. People’s money is hard earned and should be rewarded. Just as we expect good value for our hard earned money, so also we should respect our customers by giving them more than what they expect.”