Hiring & Screening

Hiring & Screening

PIFFERS Guard Screening Checklist

  • Hiring Form
  • DPO Verification
  • NADRA Verification
  • Discharge Book / Experience Certificate
  • Postal Verification of references
  • NADRA verification of references
  • Basic Orientation given by
  • Guard Bank Account
  • Bio Metric Record
  • Medical Category
  • Psychometric Test
  • Others

Recruitment Cycle

  • A continuous coordination with Armed Forces to hire retiring personnel from “Fighting Arms” only.
  • Arrival of candidates for enrollment
  • Checking of documents and preliminary selection
  • Interview and tests by Manager HR in consultation with operations
  • Final selection and interview by GM
  • Police verification
  • NADRA Verification
  • Local Government verification
  • Training at PIFFERS Training School
  • Documentation for enrollment
  • Issuance of Uniform
  • Issuance of PIFFERS ID card
  • Operational briefing for duty and suitability of guard in accordance with the requirement of clients
  • Selection for duty as per selection criteria (Height, education, closeness to residence etc)
  • Issuance of weapon and Ammunition
  • Operational Deployment and on ground briefing by Manager Operations and his staff in consultation with the client
  • Performance evaluation and final selection/acceptance by client
  • Checking and control measures
  • Response and Action on Complaints

PIFFERS Verification Policy
We at PIFFERS implement a stringent three pronged verification process, which is embedded in our HR Policy. We strictly implement 100% NADRA verification, Police security check for criminal record and Local Administration verification of residence.

PIFFERS’s Uniform
All the Security Personnel are issued with a complete set of Uniforms that allows the guards to be presentable, smart, and neat and give a pleasant look at all times. Uniform is on the pattern approved and accepted by the Home Ministry and Interior Ministry

PIFFERS Uniform Checklist

Guards hiring file and inventory forms

Guard Personal Data File

Application Form

Verification Form

Weapon Authority Letter

Inventory Bin Card