Events Security

PIFFERS Security Services has a specialized Event Security Management team. Our staff are specially trained for all kinds events (indoor & outdoor) like Concerts, exhibitions, Music Mela, private parties & Conferences etc. Piffers Guards, Bouncers & SSG (commandos) are well trained for crowd management and any other unfortunate event like terrorism, fire, earthquake etc. Our anti-riot team are trained to deal with mobs and Our Door Supervisors (Bouncers) are always there to stop gate/Stage crashing.

  • Armed Security Manager
  • Armed Security Supervisor
  • SSG Commandos
  • Close Protection Officers (CPO)
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Armed Female Security Guards
  • Door Supervisor (Bouncers)
  • Female Door Supervisor (Female Bouncers)
  • Male Searchers
  • Female Searchers
  • High Sensitive Walk Through Gates
  • Canine Services/Sniffer Dogs
  • Metal Detectors
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Vehicle Searching Equipment for car parks
  • Radios (For close Communication)
  • Anti-riot Guards (with full anti-riot Kits)
  • Patrolling Vehicle
  • Patrolling Bikes
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Brigade
  • Doctors
  • Paramedic staff

Piffers Security Services is one stop for your all Event Security arrangements. We at PIFFERS SECURITY SERVICES (Pvt) Ltd. spends months on training of Our staff & especially on Event Security Management Team that includes in house training on regular basis, doing their verification, making them people friendly, Crowd management training, making them ready to deal with any kind of unfortunate event like God Forbid fire, earthquake, gate crashing, stage crashing & mobs etc. That’s why Piffers Security Services have one of the best Event Security Management Team. We believe in making events more secure & enjoyable for your Guests/Customers and delivering quality Security Services through Piffers highly professional and Trained Event Security Management Team.