Alarm System

Introduction of Intelligent fence Alarm system

Advanced Perimeter Security System
The System is a new generation intruder detection system, designed to handle all aspects of perimeter protection. It upgrades any existing fence to the status of an electronic barrier with an exceptional detection resolution of ±10 meters.

Wherever perimeter protection and intrusion detection are required, the system provides the utmost security with a system that is easy to install, operate and maintain. The long life sensor units are easily attached to the fence at approximately 3 meters intervals and are highly immune to extraneous environmental factors.

The technology is approved by Chinese government and certificate CCC which is the highest standard in china.


  • The system can be installed on any type of existing security fence.
  • The highest detection rate with the best resolution detection of ±10 meters.
  • Maximum performance with minimum electronic elements.
  • Very low false-alarm rate due to special software algorithm.
  • All weather operation.
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Can be integrated with any other security system such as CCTV, PTZ cameras, IR sensors, access control systems, VMD solutions, video recording solutions, wireless communication systems etc.


Residential Complexes, Sports Complexes, Holiday Resorts and other facilities.
Refineries, Pipe Lines, Oil-Farms, Industrial Parks, Industrial plants.
Borders, Military Bases, Ammunition Depots.
High-risk governmental sites: Airports, Harbors, Nuclear, Plants, Hydro-Electric Power Stations, Train-Stations, Prisons.

Principle Of Operation

The perimeter intrusion detection principle of the system is based on “Reflected Wave Technology ”that works in a similar way to Radar. Each Perimeter Control Unit (PCU) transmits electric pulses into the sensor line. When an intrusion attempt occurs along the perimeter, it will be detected by a reflected wave from nearest sensors. The time delay between the transmitted and the reflected wave will determine the location of the event within ±10 meters resolution. This “RADAR-LIKE” principle simplifies the structure of the system, and provides it with the advantages which other technologies are unable to provide. The sensor line, which consists of only one twisted-pair cable, simplifies the installation
and maintenance and is protected by an endof-line resistor against any tampering with the system.

Technical Data